Red & Sparkling Gold Christmas Angel Blouse

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This one of a kind blouse with flutter sleeves is made from 100% red cotton with festive metallic gold embroidery, perfect for the holiday season. You'll love the high quality fabric and intricate embroidery on the front and back.

IMPORTANT: This blouse features metallic thread which is backed with an additional layer of fabric to reduce "itchiness". Unlike other blouses I carry in this style, I have removed the embroidery from the bodice so that an additional layer of fabric wasn't necessary there. That just didn't seem very practical, comfortable, or wearable. 

The ship date on this item is 11/28.

All Spirit Dress items are high-quality 100% cotton.

Your dress or blouse machine washable, but hand washing is preferred. Cold water and gentle detergent will render the best results. Never, under any circumstances, put your Spirit blouse or dress in the dryer. You will be sad. And I cannot fix it. While you can iron your blouse, I think this is unnecessary. Downy Wrinkle Releaser and a few shake does the trick. The 100% cotton weave responds well to steam, also.