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Pre-Order Updates


Updated September 27th:

Everything has been retrieved by FedEx and is en route to my shipping office/house. The delivery date projection is this Saturday, October 2nd. I'm truly regretful for the delay, my friends, but it was completely out of my control. I'm headed out of town for a short vacation the latter part of this week, and will return in time to receive the items and start shipping out orders. Expect a shipping notice October 3rd or 4th. If you'd like to expedite your shipping, please let me know and I'll get you a quote for the price difference. Thanks!

Updated September 21st:

While our shipment has cleared customs, it is still awaiting pickup. This is not unusual, though it is taking longer than usual, which I'm told is a prelude to bigger delays to come in 2021. (Word to the wise: Do your holiday shopping early this year!)

The long and short of it is that companies like FedEx (that's who I use) are being stretched thin trying to fill the gap caused by a backlog of international freighters, leaving boxes that traveled by air like my own sitting and waiting.

All this said, I remain hopeful that I will receive the v-necks this week, with subsequent boxes trickling in throughout the remainder of the month as FedEx begins to move. Be aware that some deliveries may get pushed into the first week of October.

I know you're anxious to get your order. I'm anxious to send it to you. Please be patient with me, and the process, and with all of us who make a living this way. I promise we are doing our best!

With gratitude,


Updated September 13th:

If you have an order pending that says "September Delivery" on the invoice/confirmation, that means delivery is projected by end of the month.

Items have begun the customs process, however, and will be delivered in the following order:
Yellow Rose of Texas v-necks
UT, A&M, and TCU v-necks
Sleeveless dresses
All remaining items

I expect to start receiving the v-neck items later this week. The rest will be arriving the following week. All deliveries should be out my door by September 27th at the latest. 

That said, things sometimes get delayed in customs. Please be patient. I am not in control of the customs process. In fact, I could not be LESS in control of that process. ;) Thank you! ~Mercer

Updated September 12th:

September pre-orders are on schedule to deliver this month. V-necks are first to arrive and should start shipping the end of the next week. The rest of the items should ship the week of the 20th, assuming there are no customs issues. When your order ships you will receive a confirmation email with tracking. Thanks for checking in and check emails form me for regular update from now until the orders delivery! ~Mercer