Pre-Order Updates


October 26:

I received some clarification as to why 3 boxes have been held until next week. Apparently FedEx is so backed up, they will only deliver 220 lbs (100 kilos) worth of a product to a customer per week. So I will not receive the remaining three boxes until November 1st at the earliest. I am really sorry, friends. Again, there is nothing I can do to expedite this. Know that I would if I could!

October 25:

I received two more boxes today, which include the SMU, Tech, and Aggie Saturday blouses. Supposedly I am getting one more box today, contents TBD. There are three additional boxes sitting in a FedEx warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx will not give me a delivery date on these yet.

Y'all, I'm so sorry. These items have been in transit over two weeks now. They've cleared customs. There is nothing holding them up except FedEx, and it's not even FedEx's fault. Other shippers are just as backed up. This just is the way it is. At the time I placed these orders, particularly when it comes to the breast cancer awareness month blouses, there was no way for me to predict these sorts of shipping delays. They are unprecedented.

Please hang in there with me. I promise I'm doing my best, as is FedEx!



October 19:

Four items in this shipment have been shipped - the two-tone pink sleeveless blouse, the 3/4 sleeve Longhorn burnt orange blouse, the LSU v-neck, and the Longhorn burnt orange v-neck. The remaining items in the October shipment entered the customs process today. They are expected to be released by October 21st. Customs is actually running smoothly. It's the next stage of the process - FedEX to my house - that's been moving slowly. I expect to have this shipment on Monday and I'll start shipping pre-orders immediately. On time for an October delivery, despite the many kinks in the supply chain. Fingers crossed!!!

October 16:

Half of this shipment has cleared customs and has been waiting for FedEx to pick it up since 4:14am yesterday morning. The rest is just entering the customs process.

I ask that you continue to be patient and kind. Supply chain disruption, particularly when it comes to the major shippers, is REAL. There is nothing anyone can do about it. Hang in there with me! In fact, hang in there with all the retailers out there. This is going to be a challenging couple of months.


October 11:

Good news! As of this morning, a portion of the 700 units scheduled for delivery in October have entered the customs process. I'm told it is an assortment of sleeveless, v-neck, and 3/4 sleeve cuts, but I do not have an exact packing list at this time. This is way ahead of schedule, so I'm pleased. The rest of the shipment should ship soon, as well, meaning I am very likely to be able to make the October deadline on these items, despite MAJOR delays industry-wide due to massive supply chain disruption, particularly on the part of shippers. It is my HOPE to have all these orders "postmarked" by October 23rd. But, as usual, I must stress that there are so many moving parts here out of my control. Please be patient with the process. 

October 2:

Octobers pre-orders are on schedule to go out this month. Hoping for the week of 18th but with recent shipping delays I am warning customers it could be later. The last shipment sailed through customs only to sit on the loading dock for 10 days waiting for FedEx. I’m told this is going to get worse as we move into the holiday shopping season. I’ll start sending updates when I have a clearer picture of the current situation. Appreciate your patience!