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Dear friends,

I have been thinking about the role I want to play in my community, and in my world, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I cannot in good faith continue to market summery blouses and dresses as though nothing is happening. As such, I have gone on a marketing hiatus. You won't hear from me until the light at the end of this tunnel has made itself known to us.

I am keeping the shop open, however. I have to. SPIRIT DRESS is the sole source of income with which I support my family. I've prepared myself for lean times to come, as are most of us, but I am hopeful that sales will continue to trickle in, because glimpses of summertime equals hope to so many of us

My recent promotions will continue - 40% off in-stock items with the code GOTTAFLY, 25% off pre-orders with the code PRESALE. I have no intention of putting an expiration date on these anytime soon. Shop only when and if it suits you. This is not the time for "shop now or cry later" and "limited time only" sales.

If you have placed a pre-order, know that production continues, and I still intend to meet the May and June deadlines. Nothing has changed there.

Except everything has changed, hasn't it? Everything but our love for our families and our resolve to get through this together.

I've included a photo of the Maya Angelou quote hanging on my bedroom wall in hopes that it will ease your tender hearts as it does mine every day when I look at it. In the meantime, know that I share your fears and hopes and I, too, look forward to better, simpler times.

With love,